Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Bill Parcells

Zygi’s all about making a splash, isn’t he? First Brett Favre and now Bill Parcells? While the reports are just coming out now, it at least sounds like Zygi didn't approach Parcells recently, which means that Zygi isn’t so impulsive that he’s trying to hire a new guy to oversee the Vikings’ personnel decisions less than a month before the draft. So that’s good, I guess. Just a few quick thoughts, since the Big Tuna doesn’t actually appear to be coming to Minnesota:

  • The attempt to hire Parcells reminds me of the Favre signing in that it is, at best, a short term move. Parcells will be 71 years old by the time the season starts and he only lasted two seasons before stepping down at his last job. Frazier should probably take this as a sign that Zygi isn't going to patiently wait through a lengthy rebuild.
  • While the Dolphins had one of the more remarkable seasons in Parcells’ first season in their front office, going from 1-15 to 11-5, he didn’t exactly set them up for long term success in his two-plus years. The Dolphins have been under .500 every year since 2008, which isn’t too surprising when you consider that most of that turnaround came from veteran quick fixes like Chad Pennington.
  • Aside from Jake Long, Parcells came away with a lot of mediocrity in his three drafts. He signed Devon Bess as an undrafted free agent and drafted both of the Dolphins’ starting corners, but neither Vontae Davis nor Seth Smith is exactly an All-Pro. The rest of his picks are either gone or backups. Parcells is just not the personnel genius everyone remembers from his stints with the Patriots and Giants.


  1. I agree. Parcells did some great things in his prime, which is why his name is still turns heads. However, he's not what he once was, and I don't think it would've turned out well if he had come to the Vikings.

    1. The Vikings don't need a guy to come in for a year or two, change the whole organizational philosophy - offensively and defensively - install all his "guys" in the coaching staff and then slink into retirement after two or three years. Look how well that worked out for the Dolphins.

      I think Parcells also said recently he thinks the game may have "passed him by". Yeah, that's who you want running your football operations.