Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Peyton Manning could affect the Minnesota Vikings rebuilding effort

First, let's get this immediately out of the way - despite what the headline indicates, I am not advocating the Vikings try to sign Peyton Manning - although I bet Pacifist Viking would be delighted.

But since the Colts have released the living legend, Manning could still have an impact on the Vikings future even though he will never play a down for them.

Despite ESPN Kevin Seifert's assertion that Manning's release will only affect Matt Flynn, if Manning were to sign with the Cleveland Browns or the Miami Dolphins, that eliminates just about any chance that the Vikings will be able to trade out of the #3 draft slot, move down and acquire extra picks to hasten its massive rebuilding effort.

Now it seems clear to me St. Louis will trade its #2 overall pick to the highest bidder and that team will select quarterback Robert Griffin III.

However, even if that happens, it doesn't mean the Vikings would be SOL in trading out of #3 slot, because another quarterback needy club could fall in love with Texas A & M QB Ryan Tannehill and make a deal with the Vikes. At least there is a possibility of that happening.

But if Manning signs with either of those teams, the odds of the Vikings swinging a trade for its first round pick go from maybe 20-30 per cent to five to 10 per cent. (I guess Seattle could try to swing a deal, but do the Vikings want to go from drafting third to 12th - where the Seahawks currently sit?)

Chris Cook update

If you're interested in Viking cornerback Chris Cook's assault trial, here is a story detailing today's proceedings. Cook might get off with no jail time in this, but he's not going to come out looking very good and I wonder if the Vikings will be willing to stick with a guy who will be considered by some - even if he is found innocent - a vicious abuser of women.

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  1. I'm reasonable enough that not for a moment have I thought Peyton would have any interest in coming here, or that the rebuilding Vikes would have any interest in trying to bring him here. Though I am still disappointed Marino didn't give it a shot in '99.

    1. Crazy to come back and read this comment knowing the Ponder-lead Vikings went 10-6. If Peyton had joined us here in Minnesota, I doubt Peterson would've hit 2,000 yards, but I'll bet they would've won more than 10 games (and played in more than 17).


  2. I was just teasing you with that sentence. I know Manning is your favorite non-Viking.

    What if 2009 had never happened and the Vikings were in the situation they were in back then – a talented, veteran team, just a quarterback away from contending for the Super Bowl? What if, what if. (Although I'm not sure Manning could have played any better than Favre did that season.)

  3. It'll definitely be interesting to see where Manning ends up - but I will get stressed thinking about it this early. I'll speculate with you about the draft impact once he lands somewhere.

    I will point out, however, that if Manning goes somewhere with a legit starter (like the Jets) and that starter ends up leaving and joining a team like Cleveland or Miami, then the ripple effect will also diminish Minnesota's chances of trading down and getting Kalil.

    Hey PV - will you play fantasy this year? Will you be offering thoughts on fantasy here at KA?

  4. At this point, I don't know what fantasy credibility I even have to offer advice. My most glorious fantasy achievement of the last two seasons was chucking a chair half-way across my friend's yard when the Hazelweirders pranked me by pretending to vote the morning of the draft to switch from an auction to a snake draft. I can give chair-chucking advice with the likes of Bobby Knight and Ron Swanson, but I am a fantasy football moron.

    1. but! you're entertaining to read!

      I take everyone's fantasy advice with a grain of salt. The best advice comes from those who can admit they're not great at it. The self-proclaimed geniuses give worse advice.